The 26g Aliens are for those who enjoy a hot vape but also need a larger inner diameter (3mm). They require more power to heat up so make sure you are using a hard hitting device! Please note that due to the low ohms these coils may not fire on some regulated devices that are limited to 0.1 ohms and above.



3x26g Ni80 Cores/36g Ni80 Alien wrap.

0.09 - 0.1 OHMS dual coil (will vary on install)

3mm inner diameter.


Coils must be pulsed at low wattages first and avoid dry firing at high wattages as all my coils are use with Nichrome 80 which is a soft wire compared to regular Kanthal

*please ensure you are vaping safely and using high drain batteries*

Alien Coils 26g/36g Ni80

Number of sets
  • Made with competition grade ni80