After years of using a number of different swivel systems, I have compiled all my wishes and desires into the 'EVO' - creating a swivel that can perform any build I throw at it.


Demonstration video here:


Fully Rotatable:

The EVO sits on a base plate which allows it rotate 360 degrees so that when you move your drill, the swivel moves with it. This helps prevent tension on the wire, causing them to twist. 

The user also has the option to remove the plate and use the 2 extra screw holes provided to fix the EVO to their bench if they so desire.


Performance & Stability:

The EVO features a Bones Redz bearing. This alone already places the EVO above many other swivel systems on the market as these bearings are incredibly smooth, even at higher speeds. 

Along with the low-profile design, the EVO will stand up to even the most demanding of builds. 



As well as having the option of allowing the EVO to rotate freely, it also comes installed with a split ring to attach your core wires to. This alone is perfectly fine at slower speeds for those intricate builds, but at higher speeds you will most likely want an extra bearing to keep the system stable. This means that with the split ring, you can attatch your favourite standard fishing swivel to ensure the best performane at those high speeds. 



- Bones Redz bearings for a stable, smooth and fast rotation.

- Secondary bearing at the base, allowing you to reposition the 'EVO' on the fly.

- Option to fix the 'EVO' to your bench, using the 2 screw holes to stop it from moving. 

- 3D printed clevis pin, providing the tightest fit possible in the bearing.

- Split ring to attach your core wires, or extra bearings for higher speeds.

- Low profile, ergonomic design.


Package includes:

- 1x EVO 

- 1x Mounting plate

- 1x Large Screw for rotating mode

- 2x Small screws for fixed mode


EVO - Swivel System